COVID Diabetes

COVID Diabetes

This new concept was “gave” us a coronavirus infection.

Covid-diabetes can develop both in a person with a predisposition – insulin resistance, and in a healthy person, including pregnant women, according to the type of gestational diabetes. Sweets, by the way, have nothing to do with it!

But at the heart of this mechanism are more intoxication mechanisms than any others.

But, in order, what are the mechanisms:

✔️ direct cytotoxic effect on the cells of the pancreas (pancreas) by the virus and, since the well-known ACE receptors are actively located on the surface of the β-cell that produces insulin, through which this virus enters the body, the β-cell can simply “die” from the reproduction of the virus in it;

✔️ the inflammation mechanism is actively triggered, with the production of picolinic acid, quinolic acid, pyroglutamic, formiminoglutamic acid, orotic acid (these are intermediate products of protein metabolism), which themselves in high concentrations have a toxic effect on β-cells

✔️active “acidification” of the cell, a drop in pH (which is provoked by a viral infectious process), also enhances cell death, including pancreatic β-cells

✔️ violation of the synthesis of the main detoxification factor, ll phase of liver detoxification – Glutathione and increased intoxication provokes diabetes

✔️the “cytokine storm” itself is a process of active production of pro-inflammatory substances – TNF, IL-6, etc. – all of which can affect β-cells

✔️ “covid stress” – triggers liver glycogenolysis: the breakdown of glycogen to glucose, also provoking hyperglycemia!

✔️ as well as increased lactate (lactic acid), which also aggravates intoxication in high concentrations.

I am not writing to scare you. And to explain that non-traditional approaches to the treatment of hyperglycemia are needed here.

The mechanism of Covid-diabetes becomes similar to the mechanism of type 1 diabetes.

And sugar-lowering pills may not be useful here, since this is not a process of insulin resistance, this is a process of intoxication!

Therefore, to the treatment add:

  • glutathione
  • alpha lipoic acid
  • anti-inflammatory therapy
  • Q10, N-acetylcarnitine and other antioxidants
  • drugs that remove acidification.

It is also advisable to examine and treat intestinal dysbiosis after COVID, since on a weakened immune system, opportunistic flora can become pathogenic, cause decay and fermentation, and intensify intoxication processes. Especially if the patient has Gilbert’s syndrome (bile acid detoxification disorder).