Three main signs of depression in women

Three main signs of depression in women

At many points, depression as a mental disorder is generally the same for men and women, but women have their own characteristics. Which are most often associated with hormonal, biological factors and other features of the female psyche, such as menstrual cycles, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, etc., making women more susceptible to depression in this regard.

Many often confuse depression and the usual blues, when, for example, a person feels sad), a decline in mood and interest in life due to problems at work or in a relationship, but this does not mean that he is depressed. Against depression sometimes helps:

After getting out of a problem situation, he copes with them and returns to his usual life, which does not happen so easily with depression.

But if this is a blues that does not go away within 3-4 weeks, this already indicates the presence of real depressive symptoms in a woman.

First sign. When a woman, during this time, often cries, retires, avoids meeting with her friends and relatives, ceases to engage in her hobbies, loses interest in hobbies, is constantly in a state of depressed mood, and experiences a decrease in working capacity. Many often begin to abuse cigarettes or alcohol.

The second sign of developing depression in women. This is a deeper stage, which manifests itself in such moments.

Serious difficulties appear in making any different decisions from household to professional.
Requirements for your appearance and personal care are reduced.
Another important point to add is that women who are depressed are more prone to seizing and gaining weight.
An ongoing feeling of anxiety, in relation to oneself, with feelings of hopelessness and hopelessness of one’s future, with thoughts of one’s own worthlessness of uselessness. Sometimes thoughts of suicide arise.
Third sign. At this stage, more organic symptoms of depression appear in women.

Sleep decreases or, on the contrary, appears, increased drowsiness.
Lack of appetite appears.
The intestines begin to work problematic, diarrhea or constipation appear.
Lack of interest in sex and decreased libido.
In general, a woman feels a general decrease in energy, as they say “I want to lie down and lie dumbly”.
Various discomfort and unpleasant sensations appear in different parts of the body, organs, heart, muscles and stomach. Migraines also appear frequently.
All these signs develop from one to three months, roughly speaking, and if they are not triggered, then in individual work, you can work out so that later you do not have to go to a psychiatrist and suppress the liver with antidepressants.